Its All About Lipstick

With the festive season fast approaching, a super easy and effective way to brighten your look is by dressing your lips!
Whether you enjoy a neutral or bold look, we have something to suit all tastes and needs with over 50 colours to choose from, offered in both matte and creamy textures. All of our lip products are paraben and synthetic free aswell as offering the added benefit of vitamin C and E, allowing your lips to feel soft and conditioned both during and after wear. Whilst all our products are manufactured in the US, we are an Australian owned business who pride ourselves on ensuring that no animals are harmed or tested on during product development. Our most popular shades include, Twiggy and Marilyn. Twiggy offers a dusty pink hue, complimenting any makeup look/ skin tone, whilst Marilyn brings life to any look by offering a vibrant red/orange pop of colour.

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