Established in 2002, we are a trading company specialized in importation and distribution of high-end brands of cosmetics and personal care in MENA region having branches in Tehran, Dubai and Erbil.

High-end products, prestigious shopping malls , beauty stores, well-trained sales staff and 24/7 customer service are some of the main features of our company.

Thanks to a well-organised financial and commercial structure, we are planning to expand our activities in all ranges of cosmetics and personal care

What is a cosmetic?

Most of us use cosmetics everyday and we “know them when we see them”. However, if I was to ask you whether you thought your toothpaste, suntan lotion, lip balm, mouthwash or anti-dandruff shampoo were cosmetics, I might get a range of opinions.A key point about the OED definition is that cosmetics are superficial rather than therapeutic agents. Cosmetics are not ‘over the counter’ (OTC) or prescription drugs or drug additives, their role is merely to improve your appearance. This seems straight forward until you look at the full range of products that might fit this definition.

  1. soaps and other body cleansing products;
  2. creams, lotions, face masks, powders and colours for the skin, eyes and lips;
  3. shampoos, lotions, oils, waving agents, fixatives, bleaches, dyes and dye removers for the hair;
  4. lotions, polishes and colours for the nails;
  5. hair removers;
  6. skin bleaching and skin tanning preparations;
  7. toothpastes and other oral care preparations;
  8. antiperspirants, deodorants and other personal hygiene products;
  9. perfumes and other aromatic substances.

Workout Clothes

The right athletic clothing helps you move better and feel better—it’s the performance-booster your workout needs.

And the latest athletic styles are designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. Think lightweight layers, stretchable knits and technical fabric that wicks away sweat. It’s easier to push the pace in gear designed for motion.

So find the gear your training needs. Start off with the basics—like breezy T-shirts, tanks and athletic pants that move with you as you’re training. Layer up with sleek baselayers, hoodies and zip-up jackets. You’ll feel comfortable in ultra-soft textures, breathable fabrics and second-skin fits. Sport-specific apparel is designed for the rigors of your game. Runners love streamlined cuts and airy fabrics, and basketball players love the roomy fit of a jersey or relaxed tee. Look as great as you feel in cool prints, hues and cuts.

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