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Cosmetics to be used with confidence

Our cardinal mission at Kanebo Cosmetics is to ensure that customers can use our products with complete confidence in safety and effectiveness. To achieve absolute reliability in safety and stability, we apply the strictest possible standards to our products and the raw materials composing them. Evaluations of effectiveness and functionality are also key to creating products that customers can use with complete ease.

3-step Quality Assurance System

This is a system Kanebo Cosmetics has introduced to guarantee that customers can use our products with complete ease.

Step 1: Rigorously select the raw materials composing the products

Several methods are used to check the safety of the raw materials. Only materials that satisfy the strictest safety standards are selected. The raw materials are selected based on an abundance of safety data and safety-related information.
A battery of tests is performed to ensure safety.

Three-dimensional artificial skin model tests / Cell toxicity tests / Mutagenicity tests / Patch tests / Allergy tests / Stinging tests / Noncomendogenic tests, etc.

Step 2: Confirming quality in production

Our products are created with raw materials fully compliant with safety standards. Knowledge gained through generic technologies and the most recent formulation techniques is rigorously applied to develop the products. After their safety has been confirmed, products are evaluated for effectiveness, functionality, and stability.

Assessment of effectiveness and function: Moisture retention effects, brightening effects, anti-wrinkle effects, SPF and PA measurement, UV protection effects (UV-A and UV-B), cleansing capacity, and other aspects of product performance are assessed using special equipment and measuring systems.

Assessment of sensation and feel during use: Sensory qualities during product use are assessed by an expert panel of human assessors and home use tests.

Assessment of stability: Stability and shelf life are assessed under different heat and light conditions and for different types of use and storage.

Step 3: Confirmatory tests assuming actual use

The texture and condition of the skin varies from one person to the next and closely depends on the environment and a person’s overall physical condition. This requires that we monitor a host of factors to check the quality of products during actual use. In some tests, for example, we assess environmental conditions and specific skin states of women with sensitive skins or women in specific leisure environments.

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